The Voice- Quarter Final Update

19 Jun

If you still haven’t watched NBC’s The Voice, then you are truly missing out!

The hit U.S singing contest staring Christina Aguilera, Cee-lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, is currently my favorite entertainment show. The BBC has just been confirmed to air a UK version of the show sometime next year, after it won a tough bidding war with ITV. The show is expected to rival the XFactor and already much discussion has been made over the four sought after judges positions.

The US Voice has just completed the quarter final rounds, where each of the judges four acts performed live on their own, before joining their judge and fellow team members for a group performance.

Quarter final show one included Christina and Blake’s teams, whilst quarter final show two featured Cee-lo and Adam’s teams, as well as the results of quarter final one.

Viewers voted for their favorite act from each team to go through to the semi-finals, and the judges got to choose one more of their own acts to put through.

I won’t spoil it for you and tell you the results, so make sure you watch it! Although it can take a little while to find, the show can be watched by viewers outside of the US on youtube, however the show does tend to be broken up into lots of parts.

Here is some of my personal standout moments from the two quarter-final shows. Once again Javier Colon’s performance was my favorite…

Show 1- Team Christina’s Group Performance of Lady Marmalade.

Show 2- Vicci Martinez (Team Cee-lo) Jolene

Show 2- Javier Colon (Team Adam) Angel

Show 2- Team Adam’s Group Performance of With a Little Help From My Friends


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