Victoria Beckham To Design Affordable Clothing Line

30 Jun

Despite being heavily pregnant Victoria Beckham has been busy working on producing her second clothing line, ‘Victoria’ by Victoria Beckham. Although, the clothing will not be cheap, it will be more affordable than her current collection which sells for over £1000 for an item.

The new line will start with a collection of dresses for Spring/Summer 2012, consisting of a more ‘girly’ and ‘softer’ style to the clothing on her Victoria Beckham Line, which stars such as Eva Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger are frequently seen wearing.

It’s exciting news that Victoria is creating a second line, and although £300 may still be a lot for a dress compared to most high-street stores, with some saving (why not start now ready for the spring launch) the possibility of owning a Victoria Beckham design is perhaps achievable for us ‘ordinary’ folk.

I’m looking forward to getting a look at the designs, and will be sure to write a new post with my verdict and details of stocklists.

But for now lets have a look at some designs from her Autumn/Winter 2011 Victoria Beckham collection.


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