The X Factor 2011- Episode 1

21 Aug

Last night saw The X Factor return to our screens, with a new panel of judges and a new sense of excitement for the show.During the build-up to the show there had been much debate as to whether the X Factor could work with the new judges, inparticulary without Simon Cowell. However, as audiences tuned in and discussed every minute of the show on sites such as Twitter, there was a general sense of feeling that this series is going to be a success after all.

Taking over Simon Cowell’s position of head-judge, Gary was surprisingly good. His slightly mono-tone and matter of fact way of speaking showed he has a very dry sense of humor. Kelly Rowland, slotted into the panel well and seemed at ease with the role of a judge. As perhaps expected Tulisa was honest and not afraid to hold back.

The first contestant up was jack-the-lad Frankie Cacosa, who seemed more proud of the seven women’s names he has tattooed on his bum than his voice. He did however get through after charming the judges with his cheeky personality and ‘Rod Steward like’ vocals.

Kitty Broocknall has already been branded as the series 8 Katie Waissel. Despite belting out an impressive rendition of ‘Edge of Glory’, Kitty’s arogance stole the limelight when she was complimented on her performance, with a rather shocked judges panel warning her to stay humble as she progresses through the competition.

The X Factor is not complete without some rather wacky and deluded contestants. 48 year-old Thai Chi instructor Goldi certainly made an impact, dressed head to toe like Tina Turner, she danced around the stage and even around the judges in a rather raunchy routine. Despite her awful vocals Louis, Tulisa and Kelly decided to put Goldi through to the next round.

One of the highlight’s of last nights episode has to be George. The contestant has previously auditoned two years ago, where he threw the microphone in rage after being told he didn’t get through. This time George vowed he was back to clear his name, from this moment I know things would get exciting. As expected his performance was dreadful, and cut short by Gary. George began to kick off, verbally attacking Tulisa, who was having none of it and stood her ground, causing the crowd to boo him off stage.

Vocally the star of the first show had to be the shy village girl Janet Devlin, who song an amazing rendition of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’. With a quirky voice similar to Ellie Goulding, and the look of Taylor Swift, I expect big things from Janet, who is already one of the bookies favorites to win the series. Watch the video below of her perfomace…


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