Nicola Roberts- ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ Album Tracklist

22 Aug

The album tracklist and artwork for Nicola Roberts’ debut album ‘Cinerella Eyes’ has just been revealed.

The album, which consists of 12 tracks including ‘Beat Of My Drum’ and Nicola’s second solo single ‘Lucky Day will be available to purchase on the 26th September. ‘Lucky Day’ is due to be released prior to the album on September 18th.

Nicola has worked on the album for the last 18-months, perfecting her sound and style, whilst collaborating with the likes of ‘Dragonette’, ‘Metronomy’ and ‘Invisible Men’. If her first two singles are anything to go buy, then we are in for a treat with this album.

Here is the tracklist for ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’:

1. ‘Beat Of My Drum’

2. ‘Lucky Day’

3. ‘Yo-Yo’

4. ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’

5. ‘Porcelain Heart’

6. ‘i’

7. ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’

8. ‘Say It Out Loud’

9. ‘Gladiator’

10. ‘Fish Out Of Water’

11. ‘Take A Bite’

12. ‘Sticks + Stones’


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