The X Factor 2011- Episode 2

28 Aug

The second episode of the new series of The X Factor got underway last night, and once again it managed to tick every box.

Kelly Rowland seemed to steal the show last night, with her flirtatious antics with the male contestants, and a slightly crazed fan confessing his love for her whilst pulling off a fairly decent performance.

Once again Gary’s matter-of-fact manner strangely seemed to work and even Louis managed to get in a few witty comments (my favourite would be: “Oh so you are a Girl?” to the slightly manly looking contestant).

Unlike last weeks episode, which only had one stand out performance from Janet Devlin, the talent last night was strong.

The first act which made a big impact was biscuit factory worker Craig Colton, who performed Adele’s ‘Melt My Heart To Stone’. The judges and audience clearly hadn’t learnt about the Su-Bo factor (that you do not need to look like a model to have a great voice), as when Craig walked on stage none of them looked very hopeful. However, as soon as he started the song everyone was silenced by his soulful voice.

We finally saw a good group performance last night from Boyband The Keys. The five lads sung a unique rendition of Aloe Blacc’s ‘I Need A Dollar’, impressing the judges with their harmonies, charisma and style.

Finally, arguably the best performance from the night, came from the last contestant, 19 year-old Misha Bryan. She sung a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’, blowing away the judges and viewers with her mature and powerful voice. Just when you thought her audition couldn’t get any better, she went on to rap, giving Nicki Minaj a run for her money. The social networks went crazy after Misha’s performance was aired, making her the new favourite to win the show.

Watch my top three stand out auditions below…




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