The X Factor USA Teaser Videos

2 Sep

Four new teaser videos for The X Factor USA have just premiered online.

Judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and LA Reid appear in the promo videos, auditioning contestants in front of a large public audience.

The first clip sees 27-year old Xander getting snappy at head judge Simon Cowell for no apparent reason. In his spectacular style, Simon tells Xander to shut up.

The second teaser sees an older contestant and mother-of-two Stacey, explain her passion for music, and her struggles with being told by her ex-husband she had no talent. The clip leaves you waiting to hear Stacey’s audition after he emotional introduction.

13-year old Rachel appears in the third teaser clip, she is an example of the one of the youngest contestants. The judges question Rachel about how she would spend the $5 million show prize money, to which she explains she would buy a house for her family, who currently live in a small two-bed.

The final clip sees a group audition from boyband 4Shore, who bravely decide to sing a song written by judge LAReid.

After watching the teaser videos, I am finally excited about the show. Many people have expressed concerns that there is no place for the X Factor in America, with American Idol and The Voice already being popular. However, the slightly different format of auditioning in front of a public audience, and the fact that contestant are split into categories does make it stand out. The group category and the young category I suspect will create a great amount of interest, when the show commences.

The X Factor USA starts on September 21st with a two-night special at 8pm on Fox.

Here is the four new teaser trailers…





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