The X Factor 2011 Episode 3

4 Sep

The new series of The X Factor is under full swing with three episodes now under its belt.

Last nights show, at first seemed a bit underwhelming compared to the previous week’s show which saw an array of serious contenders audition. As usual last night, there were several awful auditions (one in particular from a rather ‘chavy’ girl-group, who weren’t afraid to speak their minds) and as Simon Cowell would say some rather ‘mediocre’ performances. However a show stopping moment did finally come from the last audition by Jade Richards.

The young girl from Fife in Scotland, doesn’t look like your conventional pop star however from the VT’s build up there was an inkling that her audition was going to be something special. Bravely, choosing to sing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, Jade blew the judges and audience away, with her strong, soulful voice. To make the perfomance even more emotional, Jade’s gran was watching with Dermot backstage, welling-up with pride at her grand-daughter’s performance. Kelly Rowland, didn’t hold back with her emotions either, barely unable to speak as she was moved to tears, fellow judge Louis who is a massive Adele fan, also welled-up.

Jade’s amazing auditon is sure to make her one of the new favourites for the show, and her humble personality is only going to help her more. If there is one thing that could hold her back, it is perhaps her similarity to Adele. It will be interesting to hear Jade perform something else and differentiate herself from Adele.

Watch Jade Richard’s audition of ‘Someone Like You’ below…


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