The X Factor USA- Shows 1 & 2

24 Sep

The X Factor USA premiered in the US on Fox two days ago with a double bill of the show. British viewers were able to watch the first two episodes just one day after it was shown in the US on ITV2.

The first episode of the new series, saw Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Cheryl Cole start out on the panel, with Steve Jones’ taking on the presenting role. However, just as we were warming to the judges, viewers were told Cheryl was replaced by Nicole with little to no explanation as to why.

There was high hopes set for Nicole’s role as a judge, after all she was a hit with viewers in the UK when she stood in for a pregnant Danni Minogue  in the audition process of the last series. Unfortunately it soon became clear that the singer was about as interesting as watching paint dry, with her more interested in making up new words than giving contestants any valuable constructive criticism.

It soon felt like the panel was rather dull, what with LA Reid remaining quiet and uninterested and Simon and Paula becoming rather tiresome. Things did seem to pick up in the second episode with Paula and Simon’s banter coming to the surface and a more relaxed LA Reid letting his emotions show, so here’s hoping that as the series progresses the panel will fit into place.

As expected from The X Factor, viewers were treated to an array of deluded contestants hoping to win the $5million recording contract, but what really made the show was the gifted contestants who performed some of the best auditions seen on a reality TV show.

So here are a look at my top three auditions from the opening two shows that are enough of a reason alone to keep watching the series…


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