The X Factor- Boot Camp Recap

26 Sep

UK viewers were once again treated to a weekend full of the X Factor, when contestants entered the boot camp stage of the competition.

On Saturday night we saw contestants settle into a country manor shortly before being shocked to find out the judges were going to eliminate several contestants before any singing even took place (after the judges had watched back the first stage audition tapes). The remaining contestants were then put into groups to rehearse and perform a song together.

Nerves seemed to take over many contestants, with some of the favorites giving disappointing performances upon the Wembley stage, and those who were outsiders, stepping up a notch. After some tough decision-making the judges finally managed to cut the number of contestants down to 61. Some of the unfortunate solo contestants who didn’t quite gain a place, were brought back by the judges, only to be told they could remain in the competition but as groups, due to the generally poor talent of the group category.

Sunday night saw part two of boot camp, with the remaining contestants battling for 32 places with just one song. Once the final acts were decided, all that was left was for the contestants and viewers to find out which judges would be mentoring which group. In a dramatic style, the four judges waited outside different rooms which had either the girls, the boys, the over 25’s or groups inside; they then made their entrance into their designated room. Gary was the first to discover his fate, and that he would be mentoring the boys, Kelly was given the girls, Louis the over 25’s and Tulisa the groups. The judges all seemed genuineley pleased with the category they were given.

Next week will be another double bill, with contestants visiting the judges homes to secure a position in the live shows. Gary will be trying to cut down his 8 boys to 4 in his home in L.A, Kelly will be in Miami, Louis will be in Barcelona, and Tulisa and the groups will be in Greece.


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