The Saturdays Land US TV Show

2 Oct

It has just been reported that The Saturdays have landed a TV show with E! Entertainment.

The reality show will follow the band as they try to crack America, this comes after they recently singed a new record deal with a US label.

Plans for the show are due to take place after the girls have completed their upcoming tour in the UK.

It is rumored that pregnant Saturdays star Una Healey will not be involved with all of the show as she will be staying in the UK to give birth. It is however reported that she will join the rest of the girls for a second season of the show, and that she has no plans to leave the group.

The girls already have one huge American fan. Blogger Perez Hilton has shown his support for The Saturdays since the emerged in the UK, and insists he can help the girls make it in the US.

More details of the new show are expected to be released in the next few days.


One Response to “The Saturdays Land US TV Show”

  1. Natalia December 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    Omg, i didn’t know she was pregnant, I’m so behind in news, probably because I live in the US, anyways Congrats to Una, she is one of my favorites. And about the reality show that amazayn!

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