Britney Spears Unveils New ‘Criminal’ Video

19 Oct

Last Britney Spears’ unveiled to the world the official music video for her upcoming single ‘Criminal’.

The action-packed video which was shot in London doesn’t dissappoint.

Britney’s real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick stars as a bad boy criminal with a ‘good heart’ in the video, rescuing Britney from her abusive boyfriend. The pair go on to have a steamy affair, whilst engaging in criminal activities. Eventually, the police catch up with the pair, whilst they are in an intimate shower scene; somehow they manage a getaway on their motorbike.

The song itself, is arguably one of the stand-out tracks from Britney’s successful ‘Femme Fatale’ album. ‘Criminal’ is a slow tempo track, with a folk sounding melody that is a truly unique sound in modern pop music. But it clearly works, as it was the song selected by Britney fans to be the next single to be released, following ‘I Wanna Go’. It has also received a great critical reception by industry professionals.

The video has however received criticism from some people who feel it advocates violence and gun crime. When filming gun the vidscenes in London just a month after the London riots

Watch the full video for ‘Criminal’ below…


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