‘The Five-Year Engagement’ Official Movie Trailer

17 Jan

The production team behind the award-winning film ‘Bridesmaids’ are back with the new rom-com ‘The Five-Year Engagement’.

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star in this wedding comedy, which follows Tom and Violet, a newly engaged couple who embark on their wedding preparations. However, an offer for a job at Michigan University soon throws things up in the air, as the couple agree to delay the wedding plans for two years.

Just as the two years come to end, Violet (Emily Blunt) is offered a two-year extension on her contract, causing the wedding to be postponed even longer.

As time goes on Tom (Jason Segel) and both families begin to become frustrated with the situation, causing increased tension between the couple. Doubts soon surface as to whether the couple’s relationship will last, and the question we all want to know is do they ever get married?

Watch the trailer for ‘The Five-Year Engagement’ below…

‘The Five-Year Engagement’ will be released in cinemas across the UK and US on April 27th 2012.


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