Jessie J Ft David Guetta- ‘Laserlight’ Music Video

11 Apr

Pop sensation Jessie J has unveiled the music for her new single ‘Laserlight’ which features superstar DJ David Guetta.

The track follows Jessie J’s number one hit ‘Domino’ and appears on a repackaged version of her chart topping album ‘Who You Are’.

As expected from a David Guetta track, ‘Laserlight’ has more dancey feel to it than some of Jessie J’s previous songs, however she still manages to make the track her own, with her unique vocals standing out strong. It seems inevitable that the song will be another sure hit for the pair.

Jessie has however received some criticism from fans for the video which accompanies the track due to her raunchy appearance. The backlash started on Twitter after one fan tweeted:

“Not going to lie @jessiejofficial I dont really like the laserlight vid, I can speak for a lot of heartbeats we don’t really think its “you”.  Jessie then responded:

“And what’s ‘me?'” She then went on to comment:”Different is good, change is normal, growth is important.”

Personally I find the backlash quite harsh, compared to other female artists such as Rihanna the video is very tame and Jessie’s outfits in the video still stay strong to her unique style.

‘Laserlight’ is due to be officially released on May 13th.

Watch the video for ‘Laserlight’ below…


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