Cher Lloyd Unveils US Version Of ‘Want U Back’

1 May

Cher Lloyd has unveiled a new US version music video for her song ‘Want U Back’.

The single was released in the UK back in November, and featured US X Factor rapper Astro.

In a bid to crack America, Cher has re-shot the video ready for it’s upcoming US release.

The new video see’s Cher confront her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend in an American dinner, with slight resemblances to Avril Lavigne’s hit video ‘Girlfriend’.

It may seem bizarre that the song doesn’t include Astro anymore, when it is being marketed towards an American audience, however this could mean that rumors that Snoop Dogg is going to record a feature for a remix of the track could be true.

Cher’s bid to crack America is being backed by US X Factor judge LA Reid, who recently signed her to Epic Records. With a performance on The Late Show with David Letterman also in the pipeline, Cher looks set to make a name for herself overseas

Watch the new US version of ‘Want U Back’ below…


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